Parents urged: ‘Help your kids discover their mission’

Fr. Felipe Pedraja, parish priest of San Antonio de Padua Parish, reminded parents that the success of the mission of the Church lies in the family.

ANTIPOLO City – Giving a timely reminder on the feast of the Holy Family, a priest said parents’ primary role is not to ensure that their children land high-paying jobs but that they discover their God-given mission.

“The mission of parents is not to make your children rich so that you yourselves get rich. The mission of parents is to prepare [their] children for their mission,” said Fr. Felipe Pedraja, parish priest of San Antonio de Padua Parish in this city, during his homily earlier this morning, Dec. 31.

During the first Mass of the day, the priest lamented how many parents are too focused on ensuring that their children have a “bright future” by forcing them to take college courses they do not like just because it will help them land jobs abroad and “earn dollars.”

Transmission of faith

“The role of the parents is to make their children Christians, to transmit the faith and to prepare them for their mission,” said Pedraja.

According to the priest, while all Christians need to respond to the “universal call to holiness,” everyone has a particular mission entrusted to him by God.

Pedraja also corrected parents’ tendency to shield their children from hardships and from experiencing failure or disappointment. “[Parents say]: ‘I don’t want him to experience the suffering I experienced before…”

Your child’s mission

While seemingly loving, such an attitude will hinder children, he said, from carrying out their mission.

“Your child will experience suffering, failure in carrying out his mission… Your child is not meant to experience just pleasure,” Pedraja explained, noting how Jesus Himself went through suffering to fulfill His mission on earth.

The priest also noted how many children, having known only comfort and success, get depressed when they finally experience disappointment in the real world, some resorting to suicide.

He also went on to stress how crucial the family is in the larger context. “The success of the mission of the Church lies in the family.”


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