College Department holds Tribute to CPA Board Passers

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The College Department of PCC held a tribute to its CPA Board Passers with a theme entitled: “Harvesting Dreams: Celebrating a Tradition of Success” at Cor Iesu, Centennial Bldg, Caniogan campus. The two board passers were Jerome Javier and Elizar Vince Cruz. The faculty and staff of College Department and the students from Junior Philippine Institute of Accountants (JPIA) attended the event.

The program started with an Opening Prayer followed by the singing of National Anthem. College Department Dean Mrs. Leonora D. Fernandez gave the Opening Remarks. She discussed the success of the two board passers. Dr. Rolando Robledo, Vice President for Administration & Finance and concurrent JPIA adviser, gave an inspirational message to the students wherein he reiterates PCCians are Persons of Character and Competence that helped Javier and Cruz to pass the board exam. Elizar Vince Cruz shared his tips and advices for the accountancy students to have faith, tenacity and resilience in studying and passing the board exam. In Jerome Javier’s speech, he reminded that the board exam is a test of determination and not their intelligence. They were awarded with Cup of Excellence and Certificate of Recognition. The program ended with a Closing Prayer.

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