PCC in coordination with Pasig City Dengue Task Force

Dr. Jennifer S. Apolinario, Vice President for Academic Affairs, Mr. Nicanor Pello, General Services Unit Coordinator, and Mr. Don Barbacena, the Supervisor of MAPECOM, coordinated with the Pasig City Dengue task force regarding the reports forwarded to them about the dengue cases in Pasig Catholic College by the parents and concerned citizens for the last few weeks.
The Dengue Task Force Team conducted an investigation and initial treatment upon their arrival. Blocking materials, plastic bottles, and other trash were noted as possible harborage for dengue mosquitoes.The team conducted the following Controland Preventive measures such as: misting and space spraying, organic larvicidal treatment, surveillance of harborages, and lecture on dengue and adult productivity index (API).
The Pasig City Dengue Task Force recommended a few things before they left the campus particularly: conducting public announcement or public address in PCC premises, removal of blocking materials for possible harborages, conducting parent-teacher assembly, and create and strengthen the School Dengue Task Force.

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