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     Pasig Catholic College, tertiary level envision itself to be a center of Christian value formation by providing quality to be Catholic Education as means of effecting social transformation while operating within the context of excellence and global competitiveness.


To realize our vision, we commit ourselves to the following:

1. To our Students – to provide them with the highest quality Catholic Education and develop in them noblest spiritual , moral and social values, thus help them become free, mature persons and able catholic leaders in the community.

2. To our Parents – to be partners in molding the spiritual, moral and social consciousness of their children.

3. To our Employees – to be witnesses to the Gospel values of commitment, professionalism, discipline and integrity.


  • To produce highly competitive graduates equipped with professionals and technical expertise as well as leadership skills.
  • To develop spiritual, moral, social formation, programs for students, faculty members.
  • To provide the students workable and well-chartered career path, and to see its full implementation and continuous evaluation.
  • To pursue systematized professional development programs in line with the institution’s vision and mission.



The College Department Shall have the following objectives:

1. Provide the student a solid foundation based on Gospel values for a truly Catholic way of life characterized by a life characterized by a life of prayer and a genuine concern for his fellowmen especially the marginalized and oppressed.

2. Develop in the student’s integrity and nobility of character in the exercise of their respective professions.

3. Encourage students to be creative and responsible leaders for their respective communities as well as for the country.

4. equip the students with the appropriate and relevant attitudes skills and knowledge to enable each of the society.

5. advance the frontier of knowledge through research, and apply the technology gained for improving the quality of human life and responding effectively to the changing societal needs and conditions.



FOR PARTICULARS, please visit the:
ADMISSIONS OFFICE, Room. 104 Ground floor, Msgr. Sunga Bldg.
Direct Line: 642-7481
Trunk Line: 642-7451 / 640-1544 Local 136/164

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