ANNOUNCEMENT on the Grade School Educational Trip

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Praised be Jesus Christ, now and forever!

Please be informed that the Grade 2 Educational Trip (Batch 2: St. Matthew, St. Jude and St. John) for tomorrow, August 29, 2019 will push through as scheduled while Batch 1 (St. Peter, St. Andrew and St. Thomas) will have their trip on Friday, August 30, 2019. Thank you and God bless!

That in all things, God may be glorified!

Grade School Department




The following passed the AMEP Qualifying Exam held in Pasig Catholic College last August 10, 2019.  Passers may now register for AMEP (AMSLI’s Mathematics Enrichment Program).  


Grade 1

1.     Montez, Sean Luis                                              Pasig Catholic College

2.     Pagulayan, Liz Amber                                        Pasig Catholic College

3.     Paz, Mikhail Yuan                                               Pasig Catholic College

4.     Rivera , Zegen Djanis                                         Pasig Catholic College

5.     Rodriguez, Alexzandra Margaux                      Pasig Catholic College


Grade 2


1.  Bulaoro, Solana Thea                                         Pasig Catholic School 

2.   Ferolin, Riley                                                      Pasig Catholic College

3.     Gumilao, EJ Yachi                                              Pasig Catholic College

4.    Mendoza, Brianna Skye                                     Pasig Catholic College

5.  Tajan, Dominique Althea                                  Pasig Catholic College


Grade 3

1.     Bunag, Mariam Sophia                                    Pasig Catholic College 

2.  Camano, Viyelle Bryan                                      Pasig Catholic College

3.     Carriedo, Seth Sebastian                                 Pasig Catholic College

4.     Cirilo, Jency Elkanah A. Cirilo                          Pasig Catholic College

5.     Diño, Breanna Ashley Divine Mayne             Pasig Catholic College

6.  Fuentes, Mark Jomary                                       Pasig Catholic College

7.  Gomez, Jamila Cayla                                          Pasig Catholic College

8.  Martin, Andrei Zachary                                     Pasig Catholic College

9.  Morial, Empress Leciel Francoise                    Pasig Catholic School

10.  Olpindo, Johanna                                             Pasig Catholic College

11.  Teves, Allana Angela                                        Pasig Catholic College

12.  Wong, Rayne Janssen                                       Pasig Catholic College


Grade 4


1.     Garcia , Jethro Andrei                                       Pasig Catholic College

2.     Macaroyo, Mary Romielle                               Pasig Catholic College

3.     Marcelo, Shania Josh                                        Pasig Catholic College


Grade 5

1.     Abadilla, Xander Mikhail                                   Pasig Catholic College

2.     Atentio, Kent Steven                                         Pasig Catholic College

3.     Bautista, Anicka Khrista                                    Pasig Catholic College

4.     Benito, Vivienne Julia                                        Pasig Catholic College

7.     Casidsid, Jarell Anthony                                    Pasig Catholic College

8.     Castañeda, Dayne Caleb                                   Pasig Catholic College

9.    Conducto, Aldren                                              Pasig Catholic College

10.  Cruz, Job Judiel                                                  Pasig Catholic College

11.  Flores, Elijah Leo                                               Pasig Catholic College

12.  Gellido, Sophia Denize                                      Pasig Catholic College

13.  Madronero, Aaron                                            Pasig Catholic College

14.  Malaylay, Georgeana                                        Pasig Catholic College

15.  Matias, Maria Isabelle                                       Pasig Catholic College

16.  Montes, J.M                                                       Pasig Catholic College

17.  Ong, Francisco Noel Jr.                                      Pasig Catholic College

18.  Raymundo, Laleina                                            Pasig Catholic School

19.  Reintar, Franco                                                  Pasig Catholic College

20.  Remorque, Jayden Ameera                              Pasig Catholic College

21.  Reyes , Josiah Paul                                            Pasig Catholic College

22.  Ribaya, Robert Joseph                                       Pasig Catholic College

23.  Salanatin, Lara Choleen                                    Pasig Catholic College


Grade 6

1.     Delos Reyes, Xilef Yuri                                       Pasig Catholic College

2.     Jabson, Frances Kristin Nicole                          Pasig Catholic College

3     Javillonar, Jan Joaquin                                        Pasig Catholic College

4.   Mesina, James                                                     Pasig Catholic College

5.  Teves, Angelo Barachiel                                     Pasig Catholic College


Grade 7

1.       Briones, Theodore Josh                                    Pasig Catholic College


Grade 8

1.  Fabella, Ysabella Vida                                        Pasig Catholic College

2.  Lacap, Attheia                                                    Pasig Catholic College


Grade 9

1.     Aquino, Earl John                                              Pasig Catholic College

2.     Arcalas, Michael Angelo                                   Pasig Catholic College

3.   Balucanag, Julius                                             Pasig Catholic College

4.     Bontogon, Sophia Ysabel                                  Pasig Catholic College

5.     Cacal, Megan Grace                                          Pasig Catholic College

6.     Catarina, Mariah                                               Pasig Catholic College

7.     Clavecillas, Irene                                               Pasig Catholic College

8.     Herrera, Mark Denver                                      Pasig Catholic College

9.     Lubangco, Giorgia                                             Pasig Catholic College

10.  Mesina, Martin Gabriel                                 Pasig Catholic College

11.   Mina, Yasmien Nicole                                       Pasig Catholic College

12.  Negru, Natalie                                                    Pasig Catholic College

13. Trinidad, Wesley                                             Pasig Catholic College


Grade 10

1.     Cruz, Jermaine                                              Pasig Catholic College


Grade 11

1.   Aquino, Louis Yji Miguel                                 Pasig Catholic College

3.     Castillo, Reynaldo, III                                         Pasig Catholic College

4.   Cruz, Mia Bernice                                             Pasig Catholic College

5.   De Castro, Art Benedict                                  Pasig Catholic College

6.     De Torres, Jaysiree                                          Pasig Catholic College

7.   Itliong, Juan Carlos                                             Pasig Catholic College

8.     Laja, Julius Andrei                                           Pasig Catholic College

9.   Lat, Joaquin Zenon                                          Pasig Catholic College

10. Narquita, Lysandra Krishna                             Pasig catholic College

11. Reynoso, Markus                                            Pasig catholic College

12. Tan, Lionan Rain                                             Pasig Catholic College

13. Trinidad, Wendell                                           Pasig Catholic College

14. Valderama, Samantha Kate                            Pasig catholic College