PCC@Manila Cathedral

MaPSA Celebrates its 60th Anniversary

The Manila Ecclesiastical Province Schools System Association (MaPSA) opened its 60th Anniversary with the theme: “Sisentana po tayo! Mapsaya!” at the Manila Cathedral with representatives from the entire MaPSA member-schools.

Before the Eucharistic Celebration begun, a group of students presented a dance number with the MAPSA Theme song. During the mass, Cardinal Luis Antonio “Chito” Tagle, the Archbishop of Manila emphasized in his homily the relationship between knowledge and faith, that it must support each other rather than fight. In addition, he mentioned the importance of teachers because God is a teacher and education runs in the blood of the Church. He also reminded the audience that “if people forget about God, our hobbies will be our idols, thus society will be ruined.”

Cardinal Tagle shared the goal of MaPSA, which is to gather all the Catholic schools and teach them to help each other instead of destroying one another, and that Catholic Schools must help one another. Before he ended his homily, he advocated “Sana habang nagpapakadalubhasa, lalong lumalalim ang pagtuklas sa Diyos.” Before the mass ended, a video presentation on the line-up of activities was presented,then Cardinal Tagle formally declared the festivities open.

Book Characters

Grade School Department Concludes Intramurals 2019 and Launches the English Week Celebration

The Grade School Department concluded their Intramurals 2019 with the awarding of the winners of the games and competitions that replaced the students agony to excitement. At the same time, they also launched the English Week Celebration with the theme: “Inclusive, Innovative, and Interconnected” by showcasing the Teachers’ Book Character Parade.

The teachers went on stage as different book characters like the famous Aladdin and Jasmine fairytale, as Ariel in the Little Mermaid, Mulan, Dante of Devil May Cry, Joker and Catwoman from Batman, the young wizard Harry Potter, and Moana of Motunui which the students really enjoyed. To celebrate the English Week, the Masters of Ceremony also dressed up as their favorite characters, Maleficent and Sleeping Beauty.

The English Week is celebrated in many forms, such as Poster Making Competition, and Book Fair celebration where Junior High School Student Affairs and Services Coordinator, Mrs. Myra Reyes’ reminded the students that “Books offer more than a story.”


Grades 7 and 10 Students Conduct Interpretative Dance

The Araling Panlipunan faculty members successfully held their Interpretative Dance with the theme: “Buwan ng Kasaysayan: Bahagi ng Ating Nakaraan, Gabay sa Kinabukasan” at the Mini Stage.

The event showed excitement and profoundness of knowledge for each section delivered very unique presentations. The Grade 7 students presented various cultural dances such as Lien Hoan Vu Moa which is about the Harvest Festival Dance of Vietnam; Chun Hyang, a folk dance about the legendary couple of Korea; Le Lo Lai, a typical Latin music from Puerto Rico; Mon Sanae Muang Siam ,a festival dance from Thailand; Wumeng Dance is a dance about freedom of China; Soran Bush, a fishermen’s dance from Japan; Inti Raymi Dance, a worship dance from Peru; Rangeelo Maro Dolma is a song about love from India; and Africa Oye represents freedom through a dance of West Africa.

The Grade 10 students performed exceptional interpretative dances that are very compassionate about the events happening around us such as; Bawal na Gamot by Willy Garte, a song that is known for warning young people not to use drugs; Walang Natira by Gloc 9 which talks about industrious people and professionals who left their motherland for greener pastures; Bulag, Pipi, at Bingi by Freddie Aguilar, a song that states Hear no Evil, See no Evil, Speak no Evil; Tatsulok by Bamboo a song about the ruling of elites and the continuous problems that go on until the status quo changes; Pangarap reminds the audience to always pursue their dreams no matter what it takes; Para sa Bayan is a song about the love of a soldier to his country and countrymen and his willingness to go to any extent to protect them and save their honor; Anak by Freddie Aguilar a popular song known to enlighten all the people who didn’t love and appreciate their parents; and Sino Ang Baliw by Kuh Ledesma is a song about how material thing drives us to madness and who the true crazies are.

At the end of the event, Junior High School Principal Mrs. Victoria Landicho delivered a speech stating that there are no losers in this competition for they have already won tons of experience and knowledge.


PCC in coordination with Pasig City Dengue Task Force

Dr. Jennifer S. Apolinario, Vice President for Academic Affairs, Mr. Nicanor Pello, General Services Unit Coordinator, and Mr. Don Barbacena, the Supervisor of MAPECOM, coordinated with the Pasig City Dengue task force regarding the reports forwarded to them about the dengue cases in Pasig Catholic College by the parents and concerned citizens for the last few weeks.
The Dengue Task Force Team conducted an investigation and initial treatment upon their arrival. Blocking materials, plastic bottles, and other trash were noted as possible harborage for dengue mosquitoes.The team conducted the following Controland Preventive measures such as: misting and space spraying, organic larvicidal treatment, surveillance of harborages, and lecture on dengue and adult productivity index (API).
The Pasig City Dengue Task Force recommended a few things before they left the campus particularly: conducting public announcement or public address in PCC premises, removal of blocking materials for possible harborages, conducting parent-teacher assembly, and create and strengthen the School Dengue Task Force.


PCC Participates to the Nationwide Earthquake Drill

The students and employees of PCC performed duck, cover, and hold upon hearing the loud siren which signaled the start of the drill. Through the scenarios based on the possible effects of a strong earthquake, this drill tested the school’s readiness and capacity to assess and respond to various situations. All the students and employees were able to go outside the school premises within 8 minutes and 34 seconds, according to Mr. Martin Bernales, the Risk Reduction Chairman, it is still a swift time for everyone to go to safe areas.

Students and employees took this drill seriously for drills like these are needed and important. It’s a big help for everyone because we will never know when this earthquake is going to hit us.


SHS Unveils Their Long-Awaited Mural

The Senior High School faculty members and students, together with Center for Culture and the Arts (CCA) Director, Mr. Ruben Jasareno, gathered to unveil their long-awaited mural with the theme “Gift of Education” at Msgr. Gabriel Building.

The mural was the product of the first batch of the SHS Arts and Designs students in 2017 and was finished by Batch 2019. The inspirations of the said mural were the teachers from that time heretofore. A mini-program was held, wherein the students showcased their talents. Mr. Ruben Jasareno, who initiated the idea to finish the mural, acknowledged in his speech every person on the mural- even the departed ones. Ms. Eva Christine Nazareth, the CCA Coordinator, also gave a speech during the program. She praised the students for their exceptional talents in painting and acknowledged them for the admiration they have given their teachers. At the end of the program, Sis. Veronica of the Christian Formation Office, blessed the mural.


PCC hosts the 4th Annual PaDDS Olympics

The administrators, faculty members, student and employee athletes gathered to witness not just any event, but to celebrate the opening of the 4th annual PaDDS Olympics with the theme “Empowering the Giftedness of the Beloved Through Sports” at the school grounds.

The annual sports event began with a doxology presented by The Crusaders, who also presented a dance number for the athletes. PCC President Rev. Fr. Orlin F. Ordoña gave a cordial welcome for the athletes by giving an opening message quoting, “We need to play clean in order to win and that we build relationships and camaraderie in this Olympics.”After the opening remarks, Nicole Tiamzon, a former UP Lady Maroons gave the athletes an inspirational message emphasizing, “Do not take sports for granted.”

Afterwards, the athletes were presented up on the stage and they are from the member-schools, such as Bicutan Parochial School, Colegio de Sta. Ana, Escuela Catolica de San Sebastian, Holy Family Parochial School, Pateros Catholic School, Sto. Niño Catholic School, Sta. Rosa Catholic School, Sto. Tomas de Villanueva Parochial School, Tipas Catholic School, and our very own Pasig Catholic College.

The traditional lighting of the torch was held on the school grounds, together with the Oath of Sportsmanship that was led by Laureana Anrence Adriano. After the oath, Rev. Fr. Orlin F. Ordoña officially declared the PaDDS Olympics open.


Grade School Department Opens Intramurals 2019

The Grade School Department formally opened the Intramurals 2019 by presenting their yell and the showcasing of Muse & Escorts of each class at the school grounds.

Mrs. Jennievy Maghirang, the Grade School Principal, began the program by giving a cordial greeting to the students after the semestral break. She also had a speech about winning and losing, and learning lessons in every game that the pupils intend to participate. After the opening remarks, the Muse & Escorts proceeded to San Pedro Calungsod Hall to carry on with the competition.

The program continued with the lighting of the torch that sends an Olympic message of peace, friendship, tolerance, and hope among competitors. That brought them to the main event of the Intramurals- the sports.


PCC Celebrates Educators and Personnel’s Day

PCC led its Educators and Personnel’s Day with a theme: “The Right to Education, The Right to Qualified Educators”. The celebration began with a Eucharistic Celebration and the PCC President, Fr.Orlin Ordoña emphasized in his homily the authenticity of teachers in touching children’s life. Followed by the opening ceremony and the program proper hosted by Mr. Gio Cruz and Ms. Mary Ann Amot.

After the opening, the hosts laid out the tributes, games and contestsprepared for the PCC Employees that they really admired and enjoyed. Paul Andrew Juanillo of Grade 11- San Fernando Pampanga presented a spoken poetry that overwhelmed his beloved teachers. The organizers also presented a video greeting from Mayor Vico Sotto.

There are a lot of games prepared during the event such as: Sing Mo ‘To! wherein the crowd have to sing if the microphone stopped in front of them; Cash-Yah! Kaya! is an exciting game with mind-boggling challenges because two teams have to bet in how many of their members can fit in a specific object such as a garbage bag and a hula-hoop.

One of the contests is called Best Jazzed-Up Denim, a contest for those who prepared their denims that would stand-out from the crowd.The most awaited part of the program was the Dance Contest in which every department has a representative; Grade School, Junior High School, Senior High School, College Department, and the Non-Teaching Support Personnel. All the employees had so much fun at the celebration.