The Pasig Diocesan School System(PaDSS) and Pasig Catholic College (PCC)
S.Y. 2018-2019 Theme Logo


This year’s celebrations give special emphasis on the Clergy and the Consecrated Persons.  The Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) reiterates the commitment of those who are called to the priestly and consecrated lives as they remain in humble service and continue to become witnesses to the life of Jesus with credibility and integrity.

As a Catholic educational institution, we place ourselves in solidarity with our Mother Church as we bridge education and vocation being essential parts of the priestly ministry.






The theme is our expression of conviction to live our role as agent of vocation. Dual-tone color (from brown to orange) reflects our growth in the mission.








The Chi Ro symbol: Represents Christ as the model of service with humility and integrity.  He is the one who calls to this joyful mission to be proclaimers of His Gospel. Red means passionate service and sacrifice.









Human Characters: Represent the Catholic school and students who are being called to service.  Their undistracted gaze and focus towards Christ and the cross signify the VOCATION.  Glow means joy.










The Bridge Symbolizes the paths of life that a disciple has to traverse together with the School and the Church as agents of New Evangelization.

“In the diversity and the uniqueness of each and every vocation, personal and ecclesial, there is a need to LISTEN, DISCERN and LIVE this word that calls to us from on high and, while enabling us to develop our talents, makes us instruments of salvation in the world and guides us to full happiness.”

   – Pope Francis in his message during the 2018 World Day of Vocations






The Door signifies New Evangelization. Opening the door of mercy is one essential element of the Church’s joyful mission. It is an invitation for us to renew our relationship with Jesus and His Church, calling us to deepen our own faith, have confidence in the Gospel, and possess the willingness to share it to others.










On the background is the Church who unceasingly guides our journey toward the fullness of life. It is where we perform our constant communion with the Lord. Blue is the color of our Blessed Mother, our intercessor.