Unsent Letter to Dr. Belen De Jesus

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Dr. Ma. Belen B. de Jesus, Vice President for Academic Affairs and Concurrent Dean of the School of Graduate Studies joined our heavenly Father last August 18, 2018 at 3:00 in the afternoon.

Dr. Belen is an inspiration and a guide to everyone. She dedicated herself in developing persons of character and competence. She taught the importance of education and leave lessons in people she encounter. The whole PCC community will surely miss her candid and shrewd way of talking.

Her service is indeed extraordinary and has left its mark in the history of Pasig Catholic College. Through her supervision, PCC has continued to exist with quality service to offer. It is not surprising that before she left, one of her mentee has this to say about her: Ms. Maria Asuncion Marissa Tanangco has written something that appears as an unsent letter to the late VPAA, mentioning how she manifested exemplary care for PCC.


PCC’s 106 years of existence must inspire us to make quality the business of every employee every day. The recent visit was proof that collaboration in our academic community works. We were able to show to our accrediting visitors the capabilities, current functioning, and outputs of PCC School of Graduate Studies in all survey areas, including the faculty, that concerned parties have resolved to fix in preparation for succeeding visits.

The faculty committee members feel fulfilled with our share of humble efforts. Our assignment was started with one simple aim: to perform the best of our ability and knowledge in order to do justice to the excellence in management and supervision and most importantly, genuine caring for PCC that we saw in the person of Dr. Belen De Jesus. In our present posts, the whole process of preparing for the much anticipated visit was a real prized team experience! Interactions and the team spirit turned the challenging responsibilities which we were given into a rewarding and enjoyable experience.

With what we have learned from the past visit, we are looking forward with renewed commitment to efficiency in carrying out better exhibit presentations of our compliance tasks.

From the time that they were ushered to our President’s Office for the courtesy call to the conduct of their team verification, our accreditors were congenial, empathic, and considerate. And in doing their mandate, they were such competent professionals, organized in the proceedings, and precise in their language use in terms of coordinating, verifying, and posing queries to us, staff around.

What may serve our Institution better in forthcoming accreditation visits for other departments could be an orientation on the nature of accreditation. The orientation could help streamline our processes and to synchronize our efforts. It might make a difference in climate when we also prepare our minds and hearts along with our hard evidence for the process of accreditation.

Unsent letter by:

Maria Asuncion Marissa Tanangco

College Faculty

PACUCOA Committee on Faculty Area for SGS Accreditation

August 5, 2018

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