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Senior High School Department holds Proclamation for SCB Election

The Senior High School (SHS) Department held the proclamation of winners from the recently concluded Student Coordinating Body (SCB) elections. The proclamation was held at the Veranda of the Msgr, Gabriel Bldg. and was witnessed by the SHS Principal, Mrs. Melinda Segismundo, SCB Coordinator, Mr. Ramon Tambis, SHS OSA Coordinator Mrs. Grace Bulaoro, the SHS students with Mr. Gino Cruz as the Master of the Ceremony.

The proclamation started with an Opening Prayer which was immediately followed by the proclamation of the elected Student Coordinating Body (SCB) from each strand and then the winners in the overall SCB election. The students cheered for their bets. Furthermore, the program proceeded with the recognition of efforts to the Commission on Elections, The Crusader and to Mr. Tambis who made the SCB Elections possible. Lastly, Mrs. Grace Bulaoro gave her Closing Remarks to the students and challenged the newly proclaimed student-leaders to serve their constituents with the program ended with a closing prayer.

Senior High School Department conducts SCB Election

Photo courtesy: The Crusader

An automated election was conducted by the SHS Department today, wherein the Computer Laboratories in the Msgr. Gabriel Building served as the voting precincts.

The parliamentary system was adopted by the department, wherein the students elected 8 councilors among the candidates, who in turn, will be choosing/electing, among themselves, the President, Vice President and other officers of the SCB.

Likewise, the other strands also conducted an election for their own SCB, which was conducted simultaneously with the election of the overall SCB of the department.