1. Classes will be suspended when PAG-ASA announces:  (a)  Typhoon Signal #1 – Early Childhood Education; (b) Typhoon Signal #2 – Grade School. Junior and Senior High School; and (c) Typhoon Signal #3 – All Levels.
  2. Classes will be cancelled if PAG-ASA gives an orange or red rainfall warning during the 4:00 AM advisory.
  3. Classes will be cancelled if there is a heavy rainfall by 4:00 AM and PAG-ASA has not yet released a Rainfall Warning Advisory, but the neighboring cities and towns such as Taguig, Pateros and Mandaluyong have decided to cancel classes. If Pasig City still has no announcement, then Pasig Catholic College will have to decide for suspension of classes because a great number of PCC students also reside from these areas.
  4. The Safety and Security Committee (SSC) chairman and the Risk Reduction Committee (RRC) chairman will communicate with one another to come up with a recommendation to be forwarded to the Adviser of the Risk Reduction Committee who will then forward the recommendation to the School President for his decision on the matter.
  5. Once the School President has decided, the announcement will be channelled back to the RRC adviser,  who will be responsible for information dissemination. Official announcements can be made through the PCC facebook page, TV or radio, text brigade and at the guard’s information desk.
  6. During cancellation of classes and as guided by item no. 1, Faculty members, Academic Non-Teaching Personnel (ANTP) and the Non-Teaching Support Personnel (NTSP) need not report for work in accordance with the typhoon signal number except when needed as discerned by their respective Department Heads. Also, Department/Unit/Office Heads or their authorized representatives need to come to school to check the status of their offices and respective departments. NTSP maintenance department will send needed employees to assess the situation and make the necessary response.
N.B. In any case of make up classes, all employees are required to report for work on the given schedule.