College Department organizes Free Soup Kitchen

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The Psychology Society of the College Department of Pasig Catholic College, expressed their kindness and generosity to the poor through the ‘Taste and See the Mercy of God’ Feeding Program last Wednesday, 24 July 2019 at the PCC Main Campus (Façade). It was said that this has been almost a monthly activity led by the religious institute of the school, whereas, last Wednesday, it was supported and funded by their program.
At exactly 6:40am, Sister Nida Thorno officially began the program with an opening ceremony of catechism, marked by the gospel of Luke 11:1-13. For countless of times, she asked the beneficiaries how important a prayer is─ particularly The Lord’s Prayer─ for each and everyone. The attendees remained quiet for a few minutes until one of them answered “Kapurian sa Diyos para sa kaligtasan.” Sister acknowledged their answer then directly went on with her preaching, breaking down the parts of The Lord’s Prayer.
Minutes went by and sister finally concluded her catechism with a simple quote, saying: “Maikli man kung pakikinggan ang Ama Namin, ngunit napakarami agad ng mga intensyong naiakyat sa Ama ni Hesus.” At 6:55am, they recited their prayer before meal and had fallen in line for their food.
Abel Gallardo, the Public Relations Officer of Psychology Society, served the soup they prepared for the twenty-nine beneficiaries including some traffic enforcers and security guards outside the school. Everyone seemed to like the soup that some even went back for their second and third serving. The huge casserole emptied hastily, and the team, together with Ms. Unite, Psychology Society adviser and program head of the BS Psychology, Mrs. Docot and other faculty members went on to tidy up the place and wash the used utensils.
At exactly 7:20am after finishing up, the beneficiaries expressed their gratitude and went home together with their families and friends. The attentiveness and participation of Psychology Society made way for the short program’s success. They may have woke up really early that morning and even came in with empty stomachs, but their hearts went full by feeding those who are in need. It was definitely a memorable and cherishing activity

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