College Department hosts Second Encounter with Bishop Vergara

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Due to the success of last year’s Encounter with the Bishop, Most Reverend Mylo Hubert Vergara paid PCCians a visit once again.

The Solemn Mass of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary was presided by the Bishop at the Cor Iesu Auditorium on August 15.

This was followed by an event titled “#SKL (Share Ko Lang).” Similar to last year, #SKL was an opportunity for PCCians to ask Bishop Mylo questions about intriguing topics such as divorce and same-sex relationships. But this year’s twist was that the Bishop also had the chance to ask questions to students. Most Reverend Vergara drew a keyword from a fish bowl and also picked the program from where the answering student will come.

The event ended with the Bishop taking a selfie on stage with the Dean’s Team and College Faculty, and the whole audience in the background. It was hosted by Irish Nicole Lastrella of AB Journalism 2.

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