JHS Department initiates Mental Health Seminar

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The Junior High School Department initiated a mental health seminar at the Aula Minor which was attended by the Grade 7 faculty and students.

The program started with an Opening Prayer followed by the singing of the National Anthem. The seminar’s guest speaker was Ms. Jovelyn Acuenca, a lecturer from Marinduque State University. She discussed the definition of mental health and its victims, the causes of mental health conditions like stress, hopelessness, etc. Ms. Acuenca also cited a study that males are more prone to certain mental health condition than women. She gave an advice to students to speak up and open up about their struggles. Furthermore, she discussed important preventive measures that will help the students reach out to their relatives/friends who may have mental health conditions. Lastly, she gave a “lifetime advice” for students that: “’Your life is your own masterpiece”.

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