PCC Celebrates Fr. Orlin F. Ordoña’s Birthday

PCC College President, Rev. Fr. Orlin F. Ordoña celebrated his 53rd birthday with a Eucharistic Celebration wherein he told the students the story of Zacchaeus, and related it to real-life situations. The story of Zacchaeus is about a rich man due to his job as a tax collector. Even with all his material wealth, he still felt unhappy and incomplete. One day, he had an encounter with God and promised that he will return the money to the people because he felt fulfilled.

Rev. Fr.Orlin related the story with the students by asking “Ilang oras ba tayo nakababad sa internet?” and reminded the pupils that other than studying, we should give time in praying and talking to God, because just like Zacchaeus, wealth will not give meaning to our lives. Zacchaeus found the meaning of life when he had an encounter with God.“One encounter with Jesus will forever change your life; let this encounter not be a chance wasted. The encounter should not be a missed opportunity but rather a grace-filled encounter with God that will lead us to our spiritual growth and sense of fulfilment.” Before Rev. Fr. Orlin gave the final blessing, he thanked God for the all the opportunities, and for all the love he continuously receives.

The Early Childhood Education (ECE) students presented a song number and gave the celebrant pink and red roses as a sign of their love. The celebration continued at the St. Pedro Calungsod Hall wherein groups of High School students also presented song numbers for the birthday celebrant. A Eucharistic Adoration was also held inside the campus.

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