PCC Celebrates the Annual Translacion

Last January 9, 2020 all students, teachers, and employees welcomed the image of the Black Nazarene by waving their white handkerchiefs and chanting “Viva, Nazareno!” as the image move towards the Crown Jewel. The Black Nazarene is an ebony statue of Jesus Christ brought to the Philippines in 1606, and is believed to have miraculous powers.

After the procession, PCC President Rev. Fr. Orlindo F. Ordoña led the Eucharistic Celebration in honor of the Black Nazarene and stated three things why Filipinos treat this event in a very special and honorable way: 1) first is need – the need to remove and fix brokenness of oneself; 2) second is identification – we relate to the sufferings of Jesus; and 3) third is hope – we are hoping that Jesus will answer all our prayers. He also reminded everyone that “We do not worship the image; we praise Jesus even if we do not see him, for in every kiss and rub to the statue, we are showing love to Jesus.”

After the Eucharistic Celebration, all students, teachers, and employees were given a chance to kiss and rub their handkerchief to the statue. The music of the Black Nazarene went playing the whole morning to inspire PCC employees of this truly holy and miraculous event celebrated every year throughout the country.

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