School of Graduate Studies now accepting applicants

School of Graduate Studies is open only on the following days: Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 8am-4pm. You may visit the office on these days for the usual enrollment procedure.

Schedule of online enrollment, online bank payment information form and online classes are to be announced/posted soon.

You can contact us at 09258013154 or 942-2529/ 7640-1544 loc 199.

Thank you and God bless!



Hi, PCCians!
How are things going right now? How are you coping with today’s challenges? Share us your experience!
Our current situation can be overwhelming, but you don’t have to face all your worries alone. The Guidance and Counseling team, through this page, will be launching an Online Forum platform to continuously provide the support that you need.
You may reach out to your respective Guidance Facilitators through their messenger.
Don’t let the stress that goes with the COVID-19 pandemic affect how you think, feel, and behave.
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Admission Procedures School Year 2020 – 2021

For Transferees and New Students
1. Open the PCC website for admission, do the necessary procedures
  1. Fill out the registration form.
  2. Download the forms and let it be accomplished by the former school officials of your child.
2. Scan all the accomplished forms including the PSO birth certificate, baptismal certificate, etc.
  • NOTE: The report card to be submitted must have complete grades up to the last quarter and with final average, signed by the school administrators and with remark, “Promoted to the next level”. If all the necessary data are in the report card, scan it back to back.
3. If all the requirements are complete, send all the PDF copies to Admission email address: [email protected]
4. The submitted requirements will be evaluated by the Admission committee
5. The approval of the application /admission forms will be done by the Admission committee by sending a letter to the email address of the applicant.
  • There will be no Entrance Examinations and interviews during application phase, since Social distancing is being observed. However, all incoming new students of the school will be placed under “ Probationary ” for a period of one year ( S.Y. 2020 – 2021 ).
  • Incoming Grades 7 and 11 who are required to submit their physical examination result to the school Clinic may submit it before the opening of classes.
  • Accomplished forms coming from former school should be forwarded to our email address by the school officials and not by parents.

PCC: A helping hand to our brothers and sisters during this difficult time

Pasig Catholic College puts all its efforts to extend a helping hand to our brothers and sisters during this difficult time.
The school has a number of personnel who are affected by the situation. Those who are employed under the “no-work-no-pay”scheme. They include some of the canteen staff, janitors, security guards and other office personnel.
We wish to thank the selfless acts of the Parents Coordinating Body (PCB), Pasig Catholic Alumni Association (PCCAAI) and other employees of the school who help materialize efforts to extend assistance to school personnel in need.
Those who wish to donate please message us thru Messenger of PCC page or you may call 8640-1544 or 8642-7451. You may get in touch with DR. ERICKSON JAVIER, Ms.ANNIE BALTAZAR or Ms. TINA R. GABRILLO..
Thank you and God bless!