JHS holds Career Seminar

The Junior High School Department held a career-oriented seminar entitled “Choices” as a preparation for the Grade 10 students to properly choose a strand that will enable them to hone their skills for college and future employment.  It was attended by Grade 10 students, teachers and staff from the JHS Guidance Office.

The program started with the Opening Prayer, followed by the singing of National Anthem. Mrs. Myra Reyes, from JHS Office of the Student Affairs, discussed the random mandatory drug testing for students. The guest speaker for the seminar was Mr. Jose Mari Flores, an instructor of various disciplines and currently taking up his Master’s Degree of Asian Studies at UP Diliman. He discussed the importance of knowing each strand under SHS so that students will be informed on the strand that they will choose. He further discussed the subjects under each strand and possible programs that a student may choose when he/she enrolls in college. Likewise, Mr. Flores talked about the scholarship offered by private corporations as well as the free tuition in the State Universities and Colleges. The program ended with a closing prayer.

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