MaPSA Celebrates its 60th Anniversary

The Manila Ecclesiastical Province Schools System Association (MaPSA) opened its 60th Anniversary with the theme: “Sisentana po tayo! Mapsaya!” at the Manila Cathedral with representatives from the entire MaPSA member-schools.

Before the Eucharistic Celebration begun, a group of students presented a dance number with the MAPSA Theme song. During the mass, Cardinal Luis Antonio “Chito” Tagle, the Archbishop of Manila emphasized in his homily the relationship between knowledge and faith, that it must support each other rather than fight. In addition, he mentioned the importance of teachers because God is a teacher and education runs in the blood of the Church. He also reminded the audience that “if people forget about God, our hobbies will be our idols, thus society will be ruined.”

Cardinal Tagle shared the goal of MaPSA, which is to gather all the Catholic schools and teach them to help each other instead of destroying one another, and that Catholic Schools must help one another. Before he ended his homily, he advocated “Sana habang nagpapakadalubhasa, lalong lumalalim ang pagtuklas sa Diyos.” Before the mass ended, a video presentation on the line-up of activities was presented,then Cardinal Tagle formally declared the festivities open.

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