(PAASCU Accredited Level II)
(Grades 1 to 6)

Pasig Catholic College is guided with its mission of evangelization and is committed to achieve the highest quality catholic education, excellence and the task of social transformation.

Pupils are provided with developmentally appropriate activities and materials that made the learning experiences more interesting, fun and challenging.

Programs are heard to produce an ideal graduate who has the basic academic competencies needed for high school life and be able to live a life of dignified person in all aspects of one person-hood.

Special offering of the Grade School Department

  • Administration, faculty and staff are highly qualified, competent and loving parents to the grade school pupils.
  • Well-prepared lesson plans and activities both curricular and co-curricular
  • Well-organized outbound and level campings
  • Intensified parenting sessions
  • Regular Eucharistic celebrations, retreats and recollections
  • Outreach programs
  • Fun filled club days

The Grade School Department supports and strengthens the vision-mission, thrusts, and objectives of the school through its various programs and offerings. It generally aims at the development of a holistic and integrated person , hence producing Christ-like graduates equipped with knowledge, skills and values to meet the challenges and demands of the time.


We envision the Grade School Department to be a community of Authentic Christian Filipinos.


As we advance toward this vision, we in the grade school department of Pasig Catholic College commit that:

1. We shall provide our students with the highest quality Catholic education, hence producing Christ-like graduates equipped with knowledge, skills and values to meet the challenges and demands of the time.
2. We shall be partners of our parents in molding the spiritual and moral character and civil efficiency of their children.
3. We shall provide our employees opportunities to grow to their fullest potentials as facilitators of transformation of the students and to impart to them the values of equality, sharing, openness, integrity, excellence and dedication that shall bind and move the department as one


By the end of the school year, we should have:

1. Intensified the spiritual and professional formation of teachers, students and parents through witnessing and living up full and consistently the Christian values they have learned or caught.

2. Provided pupils, teachers and parents formation programs on catechism, personality enhancement and parenting for harmonious relationship as one family.

3. Improved our curriculum and institutional program on:

  • value integration
  • teaching strategies
  • test construction

     This institution of learning has its twin goals of education: academic and character development. We try our best to actualize the triple commitment of the Catholic education.

1. pursuance of academic excellence
2. teaching of moral values and
3. the task of social transformation

Ideal Graduate Attributes

Spirituality is the core of the curriculum

  • Development of a Person of Character & Competence as reflected in attributes of its IDEAL Graduates
  • Christ-centered Professionally competent (in depth knowledge)
  • Effective communicator
  • Problem solver
  • Life-long learner

FOR PARTICULARS, please visit the:
ADMISSIONS OFFICE, Room. 104 Ground floor, Msgr. Sunga Bldg.
Direct Line: 642-7481
Trunk Line: 642-7451 / 640-1544 Local 136/164