The PCC’s TECHNICAL VOCATIONAL SKILLS DEVELOPMENT of College Department is offering a FULL SCHOLARSHIP program from TESDA “TWSP – Training for Work Scholarship Program” in the following TESDA courses:

  • Bread & Pastry Production NC II
  • Cookery NC II
  • Caregiving NC II

There are limited SLOTS only!!

For more details. Please call 640-1544 loc. 117 or 628-2577 or visit our TVSD Office.

Schedule of Enrollment for School Year 2018-2019

SCHOOL YEAR 2018 – 2019

APRIL 16 (Monday) Early Childhood Education (ECE)
17 (Tuesday) Grade 1
18 (Wednesday) Grade 2
19 (Thursday) Grade 3
20 (Friday) Grade 4
23 (Monday) Grade 5
24 (Tuesday) Grade 6
25 (Wednesday) Grade 7
26 (Thursday) Grade 8
30 (Monday) Grade 9


MAY 2 (Wednesday) Grade 10
3 (Thursday) Grade 11
4 (Friday) Grade 12
For all students who are taking Summer/ Remedial Classes, enrollment is on:
MAY 7 (Monday) Senior High School
14 (Monday) Grade School
28 (Monday) Junior High School


Regular Enrollment for Old Students
School Year 2018 – 2019

  1. Log in to individual student’s portal. ( on-line / PCC )
    Update the information most especially the present address, contact number and the e-mail address.  NOTE: Updating of these 3 information is very important.
  1. If the student has deficiencies ( unsettled requirements ) with the different offices such as:

Clinic   ( For incoming Grade 7 and Grade 11 students, process the clearance. A clearance sheet will be provided by the Clinic staff which will be shown to OSA before payment for Family Council will be availed.
NOTE: The OSA and Clinic staff are stationed at the air conditioned canteen



Accounting Office

*** The student has to settle the deficiencies first before he/she could proceed to the next step of enrollment.

  1. Assessment of Fees (can be done online or in PCC – air conditioned canteen )
  2. Pay the Family Council
  3. Cashier

Present the Family Council receipt, then pay the assessed amount and other fees.

  1. Center for Institutional Information Technology ( located at the air conditioned canteen )

Present the Family Council and the Original Receipts ( fees ) to the CIIT personnel for verification.

The student wearing the school uniform ( blouse / polo )  may have her/his picture taking for the I.D.


Enrollment for NEW STUDENTS
S.Y. 2018 – 2019

  1. Registrar’s Office

Present the Original Report Card ( properly signed by the Registrar or principal of the student’s former school and the Admission clearance.

Encode the student’s information in the automated enrollment system.

  1. Office of the Student Affairs ( OSA ) (*Located at the Air Conditioned Canteen)

Pay the Family Council

  1. Accounting Office (*Located at the Air Conditioned Canteen)

Have the assessment of student’s fees.

  1. Cashier

Pay the fees

NOTE : For the student’s ID picture taking, a date will be given to the new enrollees; this will be based on the availability of the uniform from the School Bookstore.

** During the ID picture taking, the students must have worn the school uniform.