Early Childhood Education aims to develop the whole child-physically, socially, emotionally and cognitively, morally and spiritually. This makes him into a self-propelling, critical-thinking and contributing individual able to cope with life’s situations. In this endeavor, the home plays an important role as a partner in the education of the child.The need for a Solid Quality Education today needs no drum beating.

Education these days is gaining interest in the preschool level, so as the parents. It is important to choose wisely the school where we entrust our children. There is no precise formula for the right pre-school for our children. But there are essential tips to consider before sending your child off to school, for he or she is in his/her most critical years of learning. The new pressures and expectations that accompany your child’s formal entrance into scholl result to changes in patterns of behaviors.


Early childhood experiences will have a lasting impact on the child. Ages 0-5 is the best time to tech good habits and values as well as provide the child better learning capabilities and experiences as foundation for later development.

State of the Art Facilities

  • Air Conditioned Rooms
  • One Restroom per Classroom
  • Computer set per classroom for interactive E-learning Experience


It is through responsive interactions between children and ECE Teachers that the ultimate goal of bringing out what is potentially within an individual will be fully actualized.

Learning Experience

A balanced menu of values training and appropriate skills.

  • Self-selected activities and free play learning experience.
  • Interactive E-Learning Experiences through Computer Aided Instruction (CAI)
  • Creative Arts Learning Activities

Nursery 1

Age Requirement: 3 years old
Usual Class Size 10 to 15 pupils

Nursery 2

Age Requirement: 4 years old
Usual Class Size 21 to 25 pupils


Age Requirement: 5 years old
Usual Class Size 25 to 35 pupils

NurseryAM Session: 7:00-10:00Christian Living, Math, Filipino, Reading
Observation KindergartenNoon Session: 10:00-1:00Christian Living, Math, Filipino, Reading
PreparatoryPM Session 1:00-4:00Christian Living, Math, Filipino, Reading


Best Features

  • Computer set per classroom for interactive E-learning Experience
  • Multimedia Laboratory
  • Complete ECE learning resource Center and Playroom
  • Other developmentally appropriate learning materials that encourage critical thinking among our young learners
  • Meaningful learning materials and manipulative such as computer-generated instructional materials
  • Air conditioned rooms
  • A restroom per classroom
  • Stimulating and eye-catching murals in each class room for aesthetic reinforment and appreciation.

Year round activities :

  • Buwan Ng Wika Celebration
  • English Week Celebration
  • Educational Tour
  • Field Demonstration

FOR PARTICULARS, please visit the:
ADMISSIONS OFFICE, Room. 104 Ground floor, Msgr. Sunga Bldg.
Direct Line: 642-7481
Trunk Line: 642-7451 / 640-1544 Local 136/164