Basic Education Admission Procedures S.Y. 2023-2024

  1. Download the Admission requirements from (click PCC ADMISSION AIMS). Fill out the Application Form and print together with the Adviser/Guidance Counselor’s Recommendation Forms. The printed Recommendation Forms will be filled out by the former student’s school and will be submitted in a sealed envelope by the applicant’s parents/guardians. (The sealed envelope/s has to be opened by the Admission Office’s staff ONLY).

Additional Forms to be accomplished: ( downloadable too )

For ECE Grade 6  Parent’s recommendation form
For incoming Grade 7 – Academic Record Form

AGE REQUIREMENTS FOR ECE (Nursery 1, Nursery 2 & Kindergarten) and Grade 1 APPLICANTS:

Nursery 1 –           3 years old as of October 2023

Nursery 2 –           4 years old as of October 2023

Kindergarten –      5 years old as of October 2023

Grade 1 –                6 years old as of October 2023

  1. Submit the following at the Admission/Registrar’s Office:
    1. Application Form
    2. Recommendation Form – placed on a sealed envelope
    3. PSA Birth Certificate (2 xerox copies only)
    4. Baptismal Certificate (2 xerox copies only)
    5. Marriage Certificate, if married (2 xerox copies only)
    6. Latest Report card with LRN and 2nd Quarter grades already
    7. Good Moral certificate (from Grades 1 – 12 only)
    8. 3 pcs. 1×1 recent colored ID pictures
    9. 1 pc. long brown envelope
    • Pay Php 200 for Admission Fee. Official Receipt will be presented at the Registrar’s Office for test schedule. 
    • For Grade School applicants – Upon examination, parent/ legal guardians should be the one to accompany the applicant for an interview right after the examination
  1. Three (3) to five (5) working days after the examination, regularly check your email for the test result.
  2. HS applicants who passed the entrance examination will have to undergo an interview with the Guidance Counselor together with the parents. After which, processing of clearance will follow.
    • For the applicants who passed, will have to secure an Admission clearance from the Guidance Office. 

What to be Processed in the Admission Clearance?

    1. Clinic requirements- Student Medical Information
    2. Christian Formation Interview ( for Non- Catholics )
    3. Reservation Fee of Php 1,000 – Cashier/ Accounting Office
    4. Parents’ Orientation (to be announced


➢ New students are admitted depending on the vacancy in the levels.
➢ All parents of the applicants are required to attend the Parents’ Orientation for enrolment. Attendance is a must.
➢ A former student who desires to re- enroll is treated like any other new student. He/She takes entrance examination and passes through the regular procedures.
➢ Students who study abroad must have their records authenticated from the Philippine Embassy.
➢ The reservation fee will be forfeited once classes for that school year begins and the applicant has not enrolled yet.


FOR PARTICULARS, please call the:
ADMISSION OFFICE, Room 105, Msgr. Sunga Building
Direct Line – 8642 –7481 / Trunk Line 8642-7451 / 8640-1544 Local 136
Guidance Office –Trunk Line 8640–1544 / 8642-7451
Local ( GS ) 129 ( HS) 120 ( SHS ) 114