(PAASCU Accredited Level II)
(Grade 7 to 10)

Pasig Catholic College journeys towards the 21st century, the Junior High School (JHS) remains steadfast to its commitment for quality Catholic education, highlighting PCC’s concentric circles of spirituality, excellence and service.

Through relevant classroom and school-based activities, JHS responds to the call for new evangelization by integrating “Ways of Life” skills to the 21st century skills framework that become a solid ground for enriched faith life of students and faculty members, as well as exuding passion for spirituality.

This unique character of Catholic education foster a shared goal in sustaining a culture of excellence through appropriate and responsive educational platforms towards a holistic formation of students where various academic disciplines ensure life-long learning by conforming with competencies, standards and Christian values. JHS has enhanced its K to 12 curriculum with its ICT Education (Tablet/GENYO/IEXCEL), additional Foreign Language classes (Mandarin), elective classes and exploratory subjects for personal career management that will prepare students for Senior High School & for their chosen College Program.

This prudent academic strategic planning, implementation monitoring, and performance help shape erudite learners (who are adept and equipped) to be categorically ready to face the real world as they manage their own career choice, make sound decisions, and be of service to others.

Pasig Catholic College, having a unique diocesan Catholic culture, is a global institution of learning that makes its Junior High School Education not only a promise of success but a lifetime commitment in forming persons of character and competence.


The enriched General High School Curriculum includes ten learning areas: the eight K to 12 core courses, Catechesis, a separate subject for Computer Education, and elective subjects in Mathematics for Grade 9 and Grade 10. Approach in teaching is more integrative and multidisciplinary (spiral), except for elective subjects where disciplinal approach is utilized.


The Business High School Curriculum, aside from the K to 12 core subjects, offers specialized courses on Entrepreneurship and Business.


Night High School offers the same subjects offered in the Basic Education Curriculum for out of school youth and working students who want to finish their secondary education. Classes start in the afternoon and ends at night. The Night High School is offered for five (5) years.